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Essiac® Powder

Follow the Essiac® program which helps support the immune system.* Learn more.

Essiac® is a proprietary formula that contains four herbs. The herbs in ESSIAC® are grown specifically for Essiac Canada International which are harvested at peak times in order to ensure maximum botanical potency.

Essiac® capsules are made of the original Essiac® formula. They are easy to use and ideal for travel.


Essiac® Capsules

Essiac Capsules Bottle


Essiac® Liquid

Essiac Liquid

  Tru-Pine™ Pine Bark Extract

TRU-PINE™ is a proprietary Canadian Pine Bark Extract formula made from the original preparation given to Jacques Cartier and his men by the Native people of Canada in 1535-1536.

TRU-PINE™ is a multi-system antioxidant which helps protect against free radicals.* TRU-PINE™ retains 95% of OPC’s (oligomeric proanthocyanidins) and is produced to pharmaceutical grade standards.

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